Tatkal & TQWL Ticket Refund & Cancellation Charges (Solved)

There have been many changes in the rules of Indian Railways in the last four-five years. Similarly, a lot has changed in the regulations of Tatkal ticket cancellation.

This article covers various questions answered that arise when we want to cancel a tatkal ticket.

Can We Cancel Tatkal Ticket?

Yes, Indian Railways Tatkal tickets can be cancelled, but whether you will get a refund or not depends on several conditions. 

Indian Railways is the best and cheapest way to travel from one place to another.

We often book tatkal tickets for particular occasions, but after some time, we realize that this journey is no longer needed.

In this situation, cancellation of a Tatkal ticket becomes a headache.

As per Indian Railway Terms and Conditions, a Tatkal ticket can be cancelled before the chart is prepared, whereas it can’t be cancelled after it is prepared.

Tatkal Ticket Cancellation Charges

Indian railway has a zero refund policy on tatkal ticket cancellation.

Whereas in the case of waiting for a tatkal ticket, a service fee of ₹60 will be charged, and the remaining amount will be refunded to the original payment method opted during the payment.

Can I Cancel TQWL Ticket?

Yes, TQWL tickets can be cancelled but only up to 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the train. Because after this, the chart of the respective train will be prepared, and Indian Railways does not allow ticket cancellation after the chart is prepared.

TQWL Ticket Cancellation Charges

If you have a TQWL and need to cancel it, the cancellation charge will be approximately ₹60 plus GST. Also, please note that the non-refundable convenience fee will not be refunded.

For example, Suppose you booked a Tatkal ticket in Third AC for around Rs 1275.40 (with ₹1240 as the base fare and ₹35.40 as the convenience fee), and you end up with a Tatkal waitlisted ticket(TQWL) that needs cancellation. In that case, you’ll be charged approximately ₹100 for cancellation. This includes ₹60 plus GST as the cancellation charge and the non-refundable convenience fee of ₹35.40.

After the cancellation, you can expect a refund of around Rs 1175. Remember that these figures are approximate and may vary slightly based on the specific details of your booking.

How To Cancel Tatkal Ticket?

Here are steps to cancel a tatkal ticket:-

  1. Visit IRCTC or other preferred partner website.
  2. Log in by entering a valid username and password.
  3. Navigate to your booking history
  4. And click on the three dots in the top right corner of your preferred ticket.
  5. And finally, click on cancel ticket.
  6. Select the preferred passenger name and click on cancel.
  7. A pop-up will appear on the screen showing the refund amount, and as you confirm that your ticket will finally be cancelled.

Note:- Check your refund amount carefully.

How To Get Refund From Tatkal Ticket?

As we have earlier told you that you will not be given any refund from Indian Railways in Tatkal ticket cancellation.

Full refund in tatkal ticket cancellation can be given only on providing a valid region by filing TDR.

Can Premium Tatkal Tickets Be Cancelled?

All tatkal ticket cancellation terms and conditions also apply directly to premium tatkal ticket cancellation.

No refund will be given if you cancel the premium Tatkal ticket.

Can We Cancel Tatkal Waiting Ticket?

Yes, waiting for tatkal tickets can be cancelled, and if you do so, you will have to pay ₹60 as a cancellation charge.

Many times, while booking tatkal tickets, we get waiting for tatkal tickets. In this case, the chances of getting confirmed tickets are significantly less.

I would advise you not to cancel the Tatkal waiting ticket(i.e., TQWL).

Because your ticket may get confirmed, and if the ticket is not confirmed, then your money will be fully refunded.

How To Cancel Tatkal Ticket After Chart Preparation?

Tatkal e-ticket can be cancelled after chart preparation, and in this case, you can get a refund by filing a TDR on IRCTC’s official website.

Can I Cancel Tatkal Waiting Ticket Before Chart Preparation?

Yes, Tatkal Waiting Tickets can be cancelled before the chart is prepared for such cancellation; a small fee of ₹60 will be charged.

To execute such cancellation, you can follow the normal tatkal ticket cancellation process, which I have already mentioned above.

How Much Money Is Refunded On Cancellation Of Tatkal Ticket?

Indian Railways has a zero refund policy on confirmed tatkal ticket cancellations, whereas for waiting for tatkal cancellations, only ₹ 60 will be charged, and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Will I Get Full Refund If I Cancel TQWL Ticket?

No, full refund will not be given for Cancellation of TQWL ticket. Indian Railways will charge a service fee of ₹ 60 from the customers, and the outstanding amount will be refunded to your original payment method.

Can I Cancel Train Ticket Before 1 Hour?

No, the Tatkal ticket cannot be cancelled 1 hour before the scheduled departure of the train.

But if you are unable to travel due to any valid reason, then you can file TDR and request a full refund from IRCTC’s official website.

Can We Cancel Tatkal Ticket If Train Is Late?

Indian Railways provides a full refund on ticket cancellation facility to its customers under certain circumstances. This includes the train being running late.

According to this rule, if your train is running late, you are entitled to get a full refund by canceling your ticket.

Note: Refund will be given only if the train is more than 3 hours late.

Final Thought

Traveling by Indian Railways is very convenient, but sometimes it is equally challenging to get a confirmed ticket on the train of your choice.

In such a situation, the importance of Tatkal tickets becomes enormous. Also, the Tatkal ticket quota gets full just a few minutes after the opening.

So the solution is, if we plan our journey well in advance, we will not have to face the problem of booking tatkal tickets.

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