Can I Get Fastag Immediately At Toll Plaza? (Explained)

Not using FASTag can result in waiting in lines for several hours. In this situation, Fastag saves you a lot of time.

Standing in a long queue of toll plazas, it often comes to mind that if we also had FASTag, we would not have to wait in line.

In this article, you will know whether you can get an instant FASTag at all toll plazas or not.

Can I Get Fastag Immediately At Toll Plaza?

Certainly! You have the option to get a FASTag instantly at toll plazas. The activation process typically takes around 5 to 10 minutes. It is important to have the necessary documents with you as they will be required for the submission and preparation of your FASTag. Once the documents are submitted, your FASTag will be ready for immediate use.

Can I Get Fastag Immediately At Toll Plaza?

The experience of frequent toll queues during long journeys is quite frustrating. On the other hand, vehicles with FASTag easily cross the toll plaza without waiting.

So if you are in this situation, you can quickly come out of this problem.

If you look around the toll plaza, then it is quite possible that you will see stalls of different FASTag vendors(Like Paytm, SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank, and others).

You can directly approach one of those vendors and ask for a FASTag for your vehicle.

A FASTag will not only make your journey comfortable and, at the same time, also save your valuable time.

At the time of offer, all these vendors provide FASTag for free, which means that you have to pay only the recharge amount.

Is Fastag Available At All Toll Plazas?

Now you must be wondering whether these FASTag stalls will be available at every toll plaza or not.

The straight answer is it depends. 

No, FASTag vendors will not be available at every toll plaza. Most FASTag vendors prefer big toll plazas or toll plazas near a city.

Choosing a hot location provides an opportunity to maximize FASTag sales. 

FASTag vendors are available at most express highways or national highway toll plazas as there is a lot of traffic movement here.

Along with this, you will also find FASTag vendors available at the toll plaza at the entry of a big city or smart city.

How To Get Fastag At Toll Plaza?

If you find the FASTag vendor at the toll plaza, you can take FASTag easily.

Follow the steps below to avoid unnecessary waiting time at the toll plaza simply by getting a FASTag:

  • Ask a FASTag vendor to make a FASTag for your vehicle
  • Submit the required documents
  • Pay the fees (if needed)
  • Your FASTag will be ready

Many FASTag vendors may be at toll plazas like SBI, Paytm, Axis, etc. But you have to get your FASTag made from the same vendor with whom you are more comfortable, whose facilities you already use.

For Example, If your bank account is in SBI, you should get your FASTag made from SBI.

I am saying this because if your bank account is in SBI, you must use its YONO app, which allows you to recharge your FASTag quickly.

And you can also make payment directly from your bank account by linking it FASTag. by doing this, you will not have to recharge your FASTag again and again.

Also, you can track all your transactions from one place.

Also, you can track all your transactions from one place, and if the bank makes any changes in the future or you face any problem, you will get the complaint resolved in one place.

Cost Of Getting Fastag At Toll Plaza?

From time to time, FASTag providers make FASTag cards for free, but if the offer is not available, you can get a FASTag card made by paying some service fee which varies from vehicle to vehicle.

According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the FASTag issuer can charge a fee of only ₹100. A non-refundable amount will also be charged, which differs for each vehicle.

Here is the cost of getting FASTag at the toll plaza for a different vehicle:

Vehicle ClassVehiclesDeposit Amount
4Car / Jeep / Van0-200
4TATA Ace and similar mini Light Commercial Vehicle0-200
5Light Commercial Vehicle / Mini Bus99-300
6Bus 3 Axle99-400
6Truck 3 Axle99-500
7Bus 2 Axle / Truck 2 Axle99-400
12Tractor / Tractor with trailer / Truck 4/ 5/ 6 Axle99-500
15Truck 7 Axle and above99-500
16Earth Moving / Heavy Construction Machinery  99-500

The deposit amount can differ for each FASTag issuer, and some issuers also call it a refundable deposit amount which will be refunded on cancellation of FASTag.

Documents Required For Getting Instant Fastag At Toll Plaza

Usually, to get FASTag, you must provide RC, ID proof, address proof, and a passport-size photograph, whereas you will have to give limited documents at the toll plaza.

Follow are the documents that you need to carry to get Fastag immediately at the toll plaza-

  • Vehicle RC(Registration Certificate)
  • Aadhar Card

If you give these two documents to the FASTag vendor, he will activate your FASTag within 5 to 10 minutes.

Note:- While giving your documents, please confirm again that you are giving your copies to the right person.

All your KYC details, like your photograph, and address, will be fetched from the Aadhar card.

Can We Recharge Fastag At Toll Plaza?

If the FASTag retaining amount has become null during your journey or if you have just taken a new FASTag, then it becomes necessary for you to recharge it.

Usually, a recharge facility is available at toll plazas, and if it is not there, you can also recharge your FASTag through your mobile banking, net banking, or UPI.

If you already have FASTag, I recommend you recharge it yourself. By doing this, your data will be more secure.

You can recharge your FASTag with more security by using the means given below:

  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • UPI
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe

All these FASTag recharge methods will keep your data more secure and protected.

And if you have taken FASTag from a vendor at the toll plaza, he will give it to you after recharging it with some amount.

Once you get the fast track card in your hand, whenever you need it, you can recharge it yourself using the online method discussed above.

Final Thought

Fastag is very important when traveling; if you do not have it, you may have to wait in queues for hours.

Most of the service providers providing FASTag provide this facility for free.

If you have not taken FASTag yet, you can take it from any nearest toll plaza. Having FASTag will make your journey seamless and take your traveling experience to the next level.

If spending 5 to 10 minutes saves many hours of your valuable time, then it would be perfect for doing so.


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