How To Find ICICI Debit Card Grid Number? (Easy Way)

If you are an account holder of ICICI Bank, then you must have faced inconvenience regarding grid number or value.

This detailed article will cover all the grid number or value related questions that need to be known before using ICICI Banks internet or mobile banking.

What Is Grid Number In ICICI Debit Card?

The Grid Number on an ICICI Debit Card is an additional security feature designed to enhance online transaction security. It involves a set of 16 different alphabets, each associated with a two-digit number.

During an online transaction, the system asks for three random alphabet-related numbers out of the 16, and the transaction is completed only when these numbers are entered correctly. 

This feature adds an extra layer of protection to the online transactions conducted by ICICI Bank customers.

How To Find ICICI Debit Card Grid Number?

To find the Grid Number on your ICICI Debit Card, simply check the back of the card below the CVV and signature area.

icici debit card image with grid number
ICICI Debit Card Image With Grid Number (Source: ICICI Bank and Credit Gyani)

How To Find ICICI Debit Card Grid Number Without Card?

The Grid Number on an ICICI Debit Card can only be found on the back of the card itself. There’s no way to find it without having the physical ICICI Debit Card in hand.

However, a smart hack to ensure accessibility to your Grid Number during emergencies is to upload a photo of it to the DigiLocker website or app. This way, you’ll have a digital copy readily available when needed.

How To Get Grid Number Of ICICI Debit Card In Imobile App?

To obtain the Grid Number of your ICICI Bank Debit Card, you’ll need to refer to the physical card itself. The Grid Number is not accessible through the iMobile App; it can only be found on the physical ICICI Bank Debit Card.

How To Find ICICI Debit Card Grid Number Online?

Unfortunately, ICICI Bank does not offer an online option to find the Debit Card grid number. The only way to access the grid number is through the physical card itself.

How To View Backside Of ICICI Virtual Debit Card?

ICICI Bank’s online banking users try to locate the grid number when doing online transactions.

While exploring options, they might consider using the Virtual Debit Card offered through internet banking or mobile banking. 

However, it’s important to note that the backside of the ICICI Virtual Debit Card can not be viewed and also doesn’t display any information, including the grid number.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Grid Number plays a crucial role in enhancing the security of online transactions for ICICI Bank customers. It consists of 16 alphabet-number pairs, with three being required for each transaction, adding an extra layer of protection.

Although it’s only accessible on the physical ICICI Debit Card itself, a prudent approach is to upload a photo of the card on DigiLocker for emergency access. 

As technology advances, ensuring the confidentiality of the Grid Number remains a priority for ICICI Bank, emphasizing the importance of its role in securing digital financial interactions.

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