Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card Charges: Including Rent Fees

Axis Bank’s My Zone Credit Card is tailored to give customers various benefits, including exclusive rewards on dining, shopping, and fuel spending.

The card caters to the needs of a diverse consumer base, balancing lifestyle privileges with comprehensive charge policies. However, cardholders need to familiarize themselves with the various charges accompanying the My Zone Credit Card to maximize its benefits while minimizing costs.

The card has an initial joining fee and an annual fee that may be waived under specific spending criteria. Understanding the fee structure is crucial as it includes not just the fixed costs but also variable charges that can accrue from cash withdrawals, balance transfers, foreign currency transactions, and late payments.

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card
Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card

Axis Bank ensures transparency in its charge declarations to assist customers in making informed financial decisions. Potential and existing cardholders should stay updated on these charges to avoid surprises on their monthly statements.

Keeping abreast of such information contributes to a better credit card experience and aids in maintaining a healthy credit profile.

Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card Charges

The Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card comes with specific charges that cardholders should be aware of, including joining and annual fees, ATM withdrawal charges, and finance charges. These fees are integral to the overall cost of maintaining and using the card.

Joining and Annual Fees

Axis Bank levies a joining fee of Rs.500 for the My Zone Credit Card. The card has an annual fee that is waived for the first year. However, a yearly fee of Rs.500 is applicable from the second year onwards.

ATM Withdrawal Charges

Cardholders are subject to a fee for cash withdrawals using their My Zone Credit Card at ATMs. The charges are 2.5% of the withdrawal amount, with a minimum of Rs.500 being the least amount charged for any transaction.

Finance Charges

The My Zone Credit Card bears finance charges on the outstanding balance, which is computed at a rate of 3.6% per month, equivalent to 52.86% annually. These charges are important for cardholders to consider, especially when carrying a balance on the card.

Foreign Transaction Fees

For transactions made outside of India, an additional 3.5% of the transaction amount is levied as foreign transaction fees.

Late Payment Fees

When a payment is overdue, the amount charged as late payment fees depends on the total payment due:

  • Less than Rs. 500No charges
  • Rs. 501 – Rs. 5,000Rs. 500
  • Rs. 5,001 – Rs. 10,000Rs. 750
  • Greater than Rs. 10,000Rs. 1200

Overlimit Charges

If the account exceeds the credit limit, overlimit charges apply at 2.5% of the over limit amount, subject to a minimum of Rs. 500.

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What is the cash advance fee for Axis Bank My Zone credit card?

The cash advance fee on the Axis Bank My Zone credit card is a particular charge that cardholders incur when they use the card to withdraw cash. Axis Bank sets this fee at 2.5% of the cash amount withdrawn.

It is important for cardholders to note that there is a minimum charge, which means that for any cash withdrawal made using the card, the minimum fee that will be levited is Rs.500.

This fee structure is standard for cash withdrawals on this credit card, and it applies regardless of the amount withdrawn, subject to the minimum fee.

The cardholder should be aware that cash advance fees are commonly higher than other transaction fees, reflecting both the convenience and the immediate nature of cash access through a credit facility.

It is advisable for individuals to keep this fee in mind and account for it when planning cash withdrawals, as it can significantly affect the overall cost of accessing cash in this manner.

What is the annual fees for Axis Bank My Zone credit card?

The Axis Bank My Zone credit card comes with an annual fee that customers must pay to utilize the card’s benefits. For cardholders, this fee is structured as follows:

  • First Year Fee: Rs. 500 + applicable taxes
  • Renewal Fee from Second Year Onwards: Rs. 500 + applicable taxes

It is important to note that Axis Bank may offer to waive the annual fee for the first year as a part of occasional promotions or based on the customer’s spending patterns and relationship with the bank.

In addition to the annual fee, cardholders should also be aware of other charges that may apply. One such charge is the cash advance fee, which is set at 2.5% of the amount withdrawn, subject to a minimum of Rs. 500. This fee is incurred each time the cardholder uses the credit card to withdraw cash.

Cardholders are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of the Axis Bank My Zone credit card to fully understand all applicable fees and charges.

What is the rent payment charges on Axis Bank My Zone credit card?

The rent payment charges on the Axis Bank My Zone credit card would be 1% of the total rent amount plus the applicable GST. The maximum charge that can be levied is ₹1500.

So, if you are using your My Zone credit card to pay rent, you will incur a fee of 1% of the payment amount, and on top of that, GST will be added to this fee. However, no matter the rent amount, the maximum fee you can be charged will not exceed ₹1500.


Axis Bank My Zone Credit Card offers an array of benefits subject to certain fees. They have delineated various charges which cardholders are advised to consider. Key charges include:

  • Joining Fee: Waived upon spending a specified amount within a time frame.
  • Annual Fee: Reasonably priced, with waiver conditional on annual spend thresholds.
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee: Incurs a charge relevant to cash withdrawals.
  • Late Payment Fee: Scales with the due amount, encouraging timely payments.
  • Over Limit Charges: Applied when the credit limit is exceeded.

These expenses are formulated to balance the rich rewards program, ensuring sustainability. Cardholders benefit from a clear understanding of the fee structure, enabling prudent financial planning.

In totality, the charges against the rewards highlight the card’s value proposition to a diverse consumer base.

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