SBI Cards is a leading credit card issuer in India. But when it comes to better service, not all credit card issuers come true there.

Banks often fail to provide even small services like changing the credit card billing cycle to the customers.

Let us know whether we can change the SBI credit card billing cycle.

Can We Change The Billing Cycle Of SBI Credit Card?

Yes, we can change our SBI Credit Card billing cycle by requesting the same with SBI Cards.

Here’s how you can change the billing cycle of your SBI credit card.

How To Change SBI Credit card Billing Cycle | Card Image Source: SBI Cards

How To Change SBI Credit Card Billing Cycle?

There are two main ways to change the billing cycle of SBI Credit Card; one is by calling customer care, and the other is by emailing SBI Cards customer support.

Customer Care

Customer care is the best option to change the billing cycle of an SBI credit card.

For this, first of all, the request to change the billing cycle must be registered by calling the customer care helpline number on the back of the credit card.

Once customer care successfully raises your request, your credit card’s billing cycle will be updated within 24 to 48 hours.

Sometimes, it may take up to 7 to 10 days for the credit card billing cycle to change.

Email Support

If we talk about the second way to change the billing cycle in SBI Credit Card, then this is the most extended way to register your request.

But you can use this method when you have yet to be able to contact customer care.

Here’s how you can email SBI Cards customer support to change your credit card billing cycle:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the Email Us button.
  3. After this login page opens, you have to log in by entering your login credentials.
  4. Upon successful login, you will be asked the category in which you have to select Statement Related Issues, then click on next.
  5. After this, the sub-category option will be activated; after selecting the Billing Cycle Change option, click Next.
  6. Additional information will be asked in the third step, in which you must mention the desired billing cycle.
  7. At last, after clicking on submit, your request will be registered successfully.

What Is The Billing Date Of SBI Card?

SBI’s credit card billing date differs for all and varies from cardholder to cardholder.

For example, two people in my family have the same credit card SBI card, but the billing date of both cards is entirely different.

Where one person’s bill is generated every 8th of the month, the other person’s statement is generated every 17th.

Final Thought

Changing the billing cycle of SBI credit cards is possible, but their service could be better compared to other credit card issuers like ICICI Bank.

We have only two ways to change the billing cycle in SBI credit cards: by contacting customer care or registering a request through email support on the SBI Cards website.

If SBI Card provides the facility to change the billing cycle directly on its website and app, it will be conducive for the customers.

Frequently Asked Question

How To Change Billing Date In SBI Credit Card Online?

To change the billing date online on SBI’s credit card, one has to register a detailed request by visiting

Can We Change Statement Generation Date Of SBI Credit Card?

Yes, we can change the billing generation date of the SBI credit card, and for this, we have to register a billing cycle change request by contacting SBI Cards customer care or email support.

Which Date Is Best For SBI Credit Card Billing Cycle?

The best date for the SBI credit card billing cycle would be when our bill is generated, followed by our due date, when we can quickly pay our credit card amount owed.