Google Pay Axis Bank Ace Credit Card Review, Eligibility & Benefits


Axis Bank has launched a credit card in a partnership with “Google Pay” Named Axis Bank Ace Credit Card.

 google pay credit card
google pay credit card

This card is launched in the market to compete with HDFC Millenia Credit Card which is king of cashback card.

Check out “Our Verdict” section for my thoughts about this card.


This card doesn’t have any welcome benefits but it’s reward system is interesting.

Since, it’s announcement I was bit interested in this card as this card is offering flat 5% cashback on bill payment which maximum card won’t offer and if some card provide cashback on bill payment they have maximum capping.

So, lets find out how what this credit card has to offer, and does it stand out in the market.

Axis bank ace credit card
Axis bank ace credit card

Application Tips

Should I apply?

This card has some mind blowing benefits and feature which I have explained below.

In this card you will get 5% cashback on all your bill payments on Google Pay app with no capping.

My article will let you know all round features and benefits of this credit card and a quick comparison with HDFC Millenia Credit card.

What is Eligibility of Axis Bank Ace Credit Card?

Here is eligibility criteria to be fulfilled before applying this card:-

  • The applicant must be An Indian Resident
  • Age Limit :- Minimum age of 18 Years and Maximum of 70 Years
  • Income Proof :- 25,000 per month (Not Conformed By Bank)

How to Check Axis bank Ace Credit Card Application Status?

  1. Visit Axis Bank website
  2. Go to product section
  3. Choose your Cards
  4. Select Apply online for Credit Cards
  5. Select Track your Application
  6. Enter Application ID
  7. Enter Mobile Number

Note :- Please keep your application ID handy as you will need to use check your application status.


If your application is denied, I recommend calling for an inquiry about why your application has been rejected.

Before applying next time fix these issues, and call again. It’s surprising how often denials can be changed to approvals.

Benefits of Axis Bank Ace Credit Card

Launch Offer

This is limited time period offer in which you will be getting 5% cashback on BigBasket and Grofers. It may be extended but there is no surety.

Note:- This card offer is only valid till 31 December 2020.

Cashback Benefits

Axis Bank Ace Credit Card has a very good reward benefit which will be given in form of cashback.

The best thing about this card is that it has no capping on cashback reward, which means cashback

  • You will get 5% cashback* on all your bill payment (such as Electricity, Internet, Gas etc.) DTH and recharges.
  • 4% cashback on Swiggy, Zomato and Ola
  • 2% cashback** on all other Merchants shopping

*Note:- Cashback will be given only when you have made payment on Google Pay Application.

**Note:- 2% Cashback will not be applicable on following transaction:-

  • Fuel spending
  • EMI Transaction
  • Purchase converted to EMI
  • Wallet loading transaction
  • Cash advances
  • Payment of outstanding Balance
  • Payment of card Fees

All cashback earned on your spending during each billing cycle will be credited in statement 3 days earlier to the statement generation date.

Suppose your statement is generated on 23 of every month then all cashback will be settled in your statement on 20 of every month.

Airport Lounge Access

Axis bank ace credit card comes with 4 complimentary domestic lounge visit every year and there is no quarterly capping.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver

This card also offer 1% fuel surcharge waiver at all fuel stations in India and it is valid on only transaction between Rs. 400 to Rs. 4000.

Note:-  Surcharge waiver is limited to only Rs 500 per month.

Fees and Charges

Annual and Joining Fees

Joining Fees :- 499 + GST Annual Fees :- 499 + GST

Note :-

  • Limited Period Offer :- No joining fees for application received till 31st December 2020
  • Joining fees reversed upon spending of Rs. 10,000 within 45 days of card issuance
  • Annual Fees will be waived off on annual spends greater than Rs. 2,00,000

Other Charges

  • Interest :- 3.4% Per annum will be charged
  • Cash Advance Charge :- 2.5% of cash amount(Minimum Rs. 500)
  • Over Limit Penalty :- 3% of the over limit amount(Minimum Rs. 500)
  • Late payment fees :- Maximum of Rs. 700 can be levied
  • Foreign currency transaction fee :- 3.5% of the transaction value

HDFC Millenia Credit Card Vs Axis Bank Ace Credit Card

This is going to be neck to neck compitition so let’s check out which card wins

PointsHDFC Millenia Credit CardAxis Bank Ace Credit Card
Welcome Benefits1000 Cash Points No
Launch Offer₹1000 worth gift vouchers5% cashback on BigBasket and Grofers
Milestone BenefitFirst year fee waived off. No
Reward Value1 CashPoint = ₹11 CashPoint = ₹1
Annual Membership FeeRs. 1000/- plus Applicable TaxesRs. 499/- plus Applicable Taxes
Membership fee reversalGet renewal fee waived on spends of Rs. 1,00,000Get renewal fee waived on spends of Rs. 2,00,000
Reward on Offline Spend2% cashback2% cashback
Lounge Access8 Complimentary Domestic Lounge 4 complimentary domestic lounge
CashBack On Amazon & FlipkartYes(5%)No cashback
Made ForOnline shopping and utility bill paymentutility bill payment

Both card has certain upsides and downsides but it totally depends upon your need.

If you are using any other credit card which offer good shopping benefits and you need a card for your utility bill payment then you should go for Axis Bank Ace credit card.

One downside of HDFC Millenia credit card is, Your spend below Rs. 2,000 will not incur any reward point.

So choose wisely.

Our Verdict

I remember that earlier it was very easy to get good reward on paying utility bills through credit cards.

Because since last one year I am noticing a fall in reward rates on payment of utility bills.

But a big thanks to Axis Bank for providing Such a good card which is most beneficial for utility bill payment.

I totally recommend this credit card for all, because this card is a most useful for utility bill payment.

In this card you will get 5% cashback on all your bill payments on Google Pay app with no capping.

Not only this, you will also get 2% cashback on all other payments other then google pay.

One downside of HDFC Millenia credit card is, Your spend below Rs. 2,000 will not incur any reward point.

That’s why I am recommending you Axis bank’s card which may not offer 5% cashback on amazon and flipkart but has no capping as HDFC Bank Millenia Credit Card.

Soon, I will post my real life experience of this card on my website as I receive my card.

How can I apply for Google Pay Axis Bank Ace Credit Card?

  1. Simply Visit Axis Bank Website or App and go to Credit card Section
  2. Now select your card and click APPLY NOW button
  3. As you click on apply now you will be landed in the page where you have to fill your all details
  4. After submitting the application you will given a Reference Number to track your application.
  5. Now bank team will contact you for verification and if you fulfill their eligibility criteria, then your application will be approved.

For Google Pay Axis Bank Credit Card
on Axis Bank’s Secured Site.

Google Pay Axis Bank Ace Credit Card FAQ

What is Age Limit For Applying Google Pay Axis Bank Ace Credit Card?

Minimum age of 18 and maximum of 70 years

What are annual charges of Google Pay Axis Bank Ace Credit Card?

Joining Fees :- 499 + GST and Annual Fees :- 499 + GST

What is minimum salary required for Google Pay Axis Bank Ace Credit Card?

25,000 per month (Not Conformed By Bank)

Why google pay axis bank ace credit card declined?

Axis bank has tough policy on issuing credit card but if you are applying after reading my blog i can make sure that your application should not be declined.

What is Google Pay Axis Ace Bank credit cards interest rate?

3.4% Per annum will be charged

What is Google Pay Axis Ace Bank Credit Cards Limit?

Limit for any credit card depends on banks inter policy. To know my limit for this card check out my this article

HDFC Millenia Credit Card vs Axis Bank Ace Credit Card which is better?

I will say Axis bank ace credit card


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